An eladrin ranger who is a bit of a loner. seems to be constantly be in his own head and making complex calculations



Back when Andraste was but a small child his entire village was destroyed by a rogue band of Orc raiders. Which raped pillaged and set ablaze to everything living and not. Leaving nothing but charred remains and sodomized corpses in their wake. At the time of this massacre young Andraste was off in the woods delving into an imaginary adventure on a long road to rescue a fair maiden.

Little did he know while he was off slaying evil doers that everything he knew and loved was simultaneously being annihilated. Hours had gone by and the young Eladrin had vanquished the lord of the manor and rescued the fair maiden. So he decided it was time for a rest so he returned to his village of Valderm. As he approached the Valderm his nostrils were filled with the foul odor of rotting corpses and fresh ashes. Which caused his thoughts to race as he made a dead sprint for what was left of what he used to call home.

He ran to where his house and found his parents decapitated bodies smoldering and covered in orc secretions and found his father’s head about 30 feet away from the rest of his remains covered in fecal matter as if they had used it as a wiping material. Confused and scared young Andraste ran in a dead sprint into the woods weeping until he ran across a hole in the ground and crawled in to what appeared to be an abandoned wolf den. Where within seconds he collapsed being overwhelmed by what he just witnessed. During his slumber five young inhabitants of the den returned from a day of frolicking in the local fields and investigation of this intruder.

After a quick inspection the pups decided this unconscious foreign species didn’t seem to be any type of threat. So in turn they curled up with it to comfort the still shaking young boy who was having an intense nightmare based on the horrific sight he recently witnessed. After a short while the mother wolf returned with her latest catch with dinner for the pups. Upon first noticing the unfamiliar presence she began to snarl and growl which awoke young Andraste.

Startled and cornered facing imminent death the young lad began to shake with fear and pooped himself a little. When things couldn’t seem more bleak and Andraste thought he was surely about to be reunited with his family in death. Quickly regretting ever stumbling into a wolves den, looking for some sort of escape one of the wolf pups whose fur was dark as a night with no stars and had deep fluorescent eyes that were an emerald green put himself between the protective mother and the frightened young eladrin. Then the mother’s demeanor changed and she sauntered over to pup picked him up by his scruff and placed him in Andraste’s lap and began nuzzling and cleaning the filthy little boy while the other pups began to destroy the dinner their mother brought back to the den.

Over the next few years Andraste was raised with the pups as part of the pack and his relationship between him and the black pup who saved the boy that fateful day when he first came across the den began to grow. Andraste and Thorn were inseparable. As things progressed and bonds were strengthened the pack had vowed to get vengeance on the raiders that destroyed Valderm. Slowly but surely diminishing the Orc numbers in the area taking out patrols here and there just as fast as they could track them. Until one fateful day when Andraste and Thorn chased after a few stragglers who took flight after the majority of their patrol was methodically was torn apart by the pack. Which all turned out to be a decoy. For as soon as the dynamic duo caught up to the fleeing opponents and had them cornered they were confronted with an ambush of 40 orcs. Surrounded and overwhelmed they captured and taken to a large orc camp. Upon arrival and regaining of consciousness Andraste noticed the rest of the pack had also been caught by the vile orc raiders.

Over the next few days Andraste noticed that his wolven brethren were being shipped out to some other camp. Realizing that time was of the essence and not that he didn’t care about the rest of the pack he knew if he didn’t escape soon he might never see Thorn again. Finally after days of anguish not knowing how he was going to free his companion an opportunity arose as he was being taken to see the orc leader Hirag to get a better understanding of why this troublesome pack of wolves accompanied by an eladrin were hunting his brethren. Being able to break his bindings and knocking his escorts unconscious he made his way stealthily through the camp trying to locate and free Thorn before he was to be shipped off and maybe never seen again.

Upon arrival of where the pack had been kept he noticed that the pens were empty and he was too late. Counting his blessings he took off in an attempt to gain his bearings and to keep from being recaptured. After years of searching and honing his skills to no longer become prone to ambush and locate his long lost friend he came across a chance to gain some vital information. This chance was an event known as Winterhaven’s arena championships. Where he lost to a rogue and the information turned out to be worthless.

An opportunity arose to travel with one of the competitors named Cannibalskunk. Hoping to gain some further insight and continue his search for with companions he would be able to make his way into much more dangerous territories with hopes of being reunited with Thorn…...


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