The Treasure Trove!

    • Level 5
    • Black Longsword
    • A Black Sword with a hunger all its own. The red stripe along the core of the blade is the color of blood.
    • Lvl 5 +1 800 gp
    • Lvl 14 +3 5,800 gp
    • Lvl 9 +2 2,000 gp
    • Weapon: Slashing
    • Enhancement: attack and damage rolls
    • Critical: 1d12
    • Property: On crit, half of damage caused is returned in hit points to the attacker.
    • Power (Encounter ♦ Necrotic): Free action. On a successful hit, you can trigger a necrotic burst from the tip of the sword, resulting in 1d12 necrotic damage
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    • Level 3
    • Evard’s Orb
    • A dark black orb, with swirling tentacles etched into the glass.
    • Weapon: ORB
    • Power (daily ♦ Necrotic): Bursting Tentacles. Once per day, you can summon forth Evards black tentacles, causing 1d10+int, and all targets hit are immobilized until saving throw is made. DC20/15/10
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Rings of thoughtful Presence Allows all members of The Hand to communicate with each other telepathically. the range is 500 yards and only works if the people wearing the rings have communicated previously. also, anyone wearing the ring can be identified as a member of The Hand by other ring wearers. No one outside the hand can identify the rings as anything other than gold bands of mediocre gold.

Lifting Belt

Add one to your strength for the purpose of lifting only.

The Treasure Trove!

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