Fallcrest Horizon (storyline p2)
After a brilliant escape, Everyone needs a bit of rest

The sun was almost blinding, as the hearty adventurers left the secret underground ritual hall. It had been almost two weeks in the making, but everyone had escaped in tact.

Everyone peered around, taking in the forested area they were in, when GRRK took off, fleet of foot into the woods. Soveliss Miogan apparently knew what he was up to, as she did not look surprised. After being questioned, she assured everyone that Grrk was on a quick scouting mission to make sure the area was safe, putting everyone at ease. Slowly the sun began to set and Grrk had yet to return. Not caring one way or the other Charrles began his first shift of watch, moving off to high ground about a quarter mile from camp.

Charrles was quickly approached by Soveliss Miogan, who had determined a way to summon a demonic coach, hopefully speeding their journey to safety, where ever that might take them. Always one for new magic, Charrles agreed to Soveliss Miogan’ plan to summon the coach, by sacrificing several wild animals in a dark ritual. Knowing full well that CannibalSkunkskunk would protest, Charrles and Soveliss Miogan attempted to force him into a magical sleep long enough for them to accomplish their goals.

unfortunatly, CannibalSkunk skunk was a bit more resistant than first anticipated. Noticing he had been targeted by sleeping magic, CannibalSkunk alerted Harbek, Halbe Begud Firestone who were not nearly as concerned as you would have expected. Finishing the ritual, a Bright pillar of light shot forth from somewhere in the distance, and the unearthly whinny of nightmares echoed through the woods. Thinking it might be trouble, those remaining at the camp sped off into the woods, only to be amazed at the sight before them. A large flaming carriage stood, lead by six fiery nightmare horses.

After a short discussion, the ground began to rumble around them, causing real panic this time. Without much warning, a large Worm like creature burst forth from the ground, acidic saliva burning the ground with loud wet plops. Everyone had suddenly overcome their fear of dark magics and nightmare coaches, leaping on where they could as Harbek drove the nightmare into the woods.

Oh Crap… ( Skill Challenge ensues, 750 bonus XP)

The worm slammed into the side of the carriage, knocking Begud Firestone to the edge of disaster, left hanging from the speeding carriage. Harbek quickly traded his driver seat to assist Begud Firestone to safety. With a strong arm, Harbek hoisted Begud Firestone to the top of the cabin, where they both set into a defensive position.

Trying to slow the beast, CannibalSkunk Skunk tossed a short sword with some strength, but missed his mark. Rather, his mark shrugged it off like a gnats guffaw. With a quick diving attack the creature rocked the carriage again, sending Halbe and CannibalSkunk to a bumpy ride, being drug behind the carriage.

Once again, with no regard for his own safety, Harbek leaned over the edge and grabbed them both, rescuing them from sure death. With everyone back on board, Charrles quickly devised a plan. Grappling hook + Rope + gaping orrifice equals a perfect diversion.

A mighty toss from Halbe landed the grappling hook deep into the gaping maw of the creature, while Harbek had secured a large breastplate to the other end. Tossing the end at a low over hanging branch, it spun and spun, wrapping it self securly around the branch. With a sudden jerk, the purple worm was launched airborne, flipping end over end, and landing with a large thud. The carriage sped on to safety.

Shortly after the encounter, Soveliss Miogan could no longer summon the energy needed to sustain the coach. Coming to a quick stop, the cabin and horse vanished, leaving everyone momentarily aloft. gravity, always the spoilsport, quickly pulled them to the ground, bruising nothing more than everyones egos.

Shaking off the dust and worm stink, the journey north continued. Any areas of deep underbrush were quickly cleared by Bragonor Skullcrusher and Bragonor Skullcrusher. A short 5 mile hike and the city of fallcrest had come into view on the horizon, which Charrles recognized immediatly.

After a quick trot down a steep hill, everyone had reached safety. ready to be rid of their spoils, they made their way to the Halfmoon Trading house, where Selgund Halfmoon met them with a smile. After a quick bartering session, everyone agreed to get ales at the local tavern, and discuss the future of their rag tag group.

XP – 2600 Apeice (no dividing, just a quick way to get from 1-3)

GP – 1250 from Selgund, 350 from random gathering in the dungeon

Magic Items –

1.1 Ivory Elephant (no command word is known.)

1.2 15 magical runes from summoning alters

1.3 Clockwork golem cores

A random request
New players means mechanics time!

The lord warden of Fallcrest had sent the Players on an important mission to check a tower for signs of use or to see if anyone has begun to dig in. After a short time of leaving the town, a terrible storm had arisen. Driving rains and harsh winds battered everyone as they approached the tower.

Upon entering the broken and ruined tower, a tunnel leading directly downward was discovered. With Harbek Deuce leading the party into the depths, they descended into the dark below. Of course, Charrles and Halbe found uses for their magic instead of climbing down a rickety rope, featherfalling or teleporting as they saw fit.

One by One the players entered the hidden under area, landing quickly and solidly on the ground, an ambush appeared. 6 large hobgoblins poured from the one of the exits, brandishing Short Swords and javelins. With the sound of metal on metal, the battle had begun. In a stunning display of magical ineptitude, (Jen) let loose tangling vines, but misspoke during her incantation. The vines slithered forth, attacking everyone, friend and foe alike.

With the battlefield immobilized, the spellcasters went to work, unleashing devastating barrages, quickly reducing several of the hobgoblins to dust. Once the magical vines had crumbled, Cannibal Skunk began to channel his holy might into powerful attacks.

With a roar and a sprint, a hobgoblin was severed in half, ending in a glorious blood geyser. Shortly, the battle had ended, leaving everyone a bit wounded. Hurt and tired, but still full of confidence, the players entered a hallway to the north, leading them to a small room with an ancient table in the center. resting on that table was A powerful undead Knight of the old orders, armor rotting and weapons rusting, it sprang to life.

quickly, everyone leapt into action, Harbek charging into the room to protect the more vulnerable Charrles from danger. Channeling fury, and an apparent desire to jump off of things, Harbek leapt onto the table and launched into a downward slam. Intentions aside, he missed the mark, not connecting with the undead abomination. Seizing his chance, Charles grabbed the skull of the zombie, Cursing and channeling pure Witchfire into the palms of his hands, searing the rotting flesh and causing quite a stink.

Not to be outdone, and in order with the accepted traditions of being a cleric, Begud lifted his Holy symbol into the air, An released an explosion of holy energy, heavily damaging the enemy. With a step and a shout, Cannibal Skunk shifted around his fellow adventurers, striking hard at the back of the creatures legs, Tearing muscle and enfeebling it.

Reaching into a dark source of power, the knights eyes glowed with an unearthly purple light, screaming the ghastly scream of the undead. Without a moments notice, the hallway and entrance area of the room was filled with dark black tentacles, sapping the life and ability to move from (jenna) and begud, though the always resourceful wizard leapt into the air and began to ride his shield, avoiding the tentacle completly.

With a few finger waggles and unintelligable words, Halbe smiled releasing dark blue bolts of magical energy, stinging and burning bits of flesh from the long dead knight. (jen) was immobilized but far from pacified, she let forth a stinging blast of fire, setting even the ground around the knight on fire, trapping it in a prison of fire. It worked, but only for a few seconds as the knight sent forth a wave of necrotic energy, inspiring fear in everyone but Halbe.

Running in every direction, the confusion becomes a panic and Cannibal skunk fell to the ground. With an evil bellow of laughter, Animated intestines ripped forth from the gut of the knight, Quickly wrapping Cannibal from head to toe, and began sapping life from the paladin.

Once Harbek has shaken the madness, he once again leapt from the ground using his powerful muscles and added weight to really drive home the blade of his axe. Deep into the shoulder it plunged, sickening cracks and sticky ichor sprayed from the massive wound, stunning it momentarily. As quickly as it had grabbed cannibal, Harbek too was grappled and tangled into the living intestines. It began to lift and slam harbek and cannibal together and against the floors walls and ceilings.

A mighty roar came from the entrance as Feral Formed (jen) attempted to pounce on the attacker. She was met with a strong backhand, sending the wolverine woman spiraling into a nearby wall. once recovered from the powerful counter, (jen) summoned her most powerful magics, lifting and spinning the knight in a prison of wind. Skin and hair began to peel from the rancid corpse as it gained momentum. The razor like nature of the wind had released our intestinal prisoners, allowing them a powerful combo.

With a nod, Harbek sprinted at Cannibal, who then tossed the barbarian into the wind prison with the Knight. Landing an astounding blow, harbek had now been caught in the wind prison. Countering the magical energy of the spell, the knight broke free, exploding the wind prison, and leveling many of the adventurers. with a final dying gasp, the undead knights muscles began to swell and bulge, reaching an incredible strength and speed. Using its new found prowess, it began to teleport behind one person at a time, attacking where they were weakest. A strong blow from behind had left Harbek Unconscious. Two more spells later, the abomination fell to dust, leaving behind a translators ring and a Black glass orb. The orb contained a magical spell that could be released once a day to trap and drain life from foes of the caster.

Deciding they should take a hardy rest, everyone prepared for the break. shortly into the first hour of rest, one of the nearby walls collapsed and and Large, dog sized spiders poured into the room, viciously attacking everyone.

Not wanting to waste time with such weak excuses for opponents, (jen) unleased the twisting vines again, this time a bit more accuratly, decimating all of the unfortunate insects. A squeel from the back brought the realization there was a tunnel hidden here long ago. Entering the tunnel, Harbek quickly became tangled in the webbing, followed rediculously by cannibal and then of course by begud. a three way tangle ensues, followed by raucous laughter from charrles as he began burning the web with eldritch fire.

Inside the chamber was a very large spider, which after a few attempts at attacking was forced to try and retreat up a wall. Not forgetting their earlier escapades, Harbek once again was launched into the air, severing legs from the spider, bringing it to the ground in a thunderous crash. The creature was destroyed and poison glands were harvested.

Take from this weeks dungeon?

650gp (most of which was stolen/ninja’ed by charrles) Lifting belt (Halbe) Translators ring (halbe) Evards Orb (halbe) 6 short swords 6 javelins 6 sets of studded armor

And some real fun memories of a monster that fought with intestines, and learning you cant rest after every fight in a dungeon. thats what healing surges are for.

First Meeting (storyline part1)
The day PC's Meet

Suddenly everyone awoke with a start. as you blink away the sleep and dirt caking your eyes, you realize you are no longer asleep in your own bed. as a matter a fact, you are locked in a damp dark cell, and so are several other surprised looking travelers.

After much ado and panicking, the hours boiled down into everyone working together to escape the dungeon. Luckily for them, A young rouge on an assignment came to free one of the captives, Soveliss by name. He was nice enough to let everyone else out of their cages and was willing to assist in the escape. So it began, the great escape from… well where ever you are.

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