A Dark souled swordmage, proficient in martial and arcane arts.


Standing only 5 feet tall, Gabriel moves with a grace often reserved for dancers and acrobats. His blonde hair is scruffy and his goatee gave him a look of sophistication and warmth. But his eyes, Cold and emotionless, betray that look of warmth. He would no sooner laugh at a joke as cut your mother down in cold blood.

From a young age, Gabriel was a trained in the arts of stealth and assassination, by his cruel father. One night, during one of his regular beatings, Gabriel felt a wild force well up inside of him, something primal, something borne of chaos and with a blood chilling scream, fire burst from his fingers and killed his father, also setting fire to his home, leading to a large scale fire in the city of waterdeep.

He was approached by a woman, who moved with a similar grace and offered him a new beginning. Join The Hand and we will teach you the ways of the arcane. We will also show you the proper way to wield the blade and combine both your innate skill with magic and your finesse with the blade.

Thinking to himself and looking around at his new home, a small nook on a rooftop, covered with a tarp, he realized he nothing else to do so he agreed and gathered his meager possesions. An Amulet of True Sight his father had worn, his favorite daggers and his boots, which possessed some magic as far as he knew, and followed the graceful woman, her all white blade reflecting the moonlight, providing a startling contrast to her all black leather armor, studded with fine cut gems.


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