Mindrel Mist

Mindrel Mist the calculating and cold leader of the Black Finger, A group of individuals known for their hand in assassination, subterfuge and espionage


A tall Human woman, with raven colored hair, falling to her lower back. At her hip hangs a beautiful white sword, almost glistening with wetness, it radiates magic. She constantly refers to it as The Dancing Moon. Those who have seen it in combat have also called it the dancing death. Its powers are only spoken of in whispers as the blade itself can detect thoughts.

It is a fearsome Weapon, and in the hands of Mindrel, It is even scarier.

Her armor, is made from dark green Leather, and is studded with gems of all hues. It sparkles in the sunlight, but at night time, it seems the gems absorb any light, making her form seem whispy and smokey at best, sometimes making her blend seemlessly with the night.

She often Boasts the night itself had created her armor, and that she was destined to be the bearer.


Mindrel is a loner, refusing to work with anyone unless forced to do so. Her calculating mind has given her finger a strong reputation and a good amount of money to boot. She is very resepectful, but she is not to be disobeyed or insulted in any way or she will make you pay with your life.

Mindrel Mist

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