First Meeting (storyline part1)

The day PC's Meet

Suddenly everyone awoke with a start. as you blink away the sleep and dirt caking your eyes, you realize you are no longer asleep in your own bed. as a matter a fact, you are locked in a damp dark cell, and so are several other surprised looking travelers.

After much ado and panicking, the hours boiled down into everyone working together to escape the dungeon. Luckily for them, A young rouge on an assignment came to free one of the captives, Soveliss by name. He was nice enough to let everyone else out of their cages and was willing to assist in the escape. So it began, the great escape from… well where ever you are.


I shat myself when Jenna pooped on us all right at the outset. But we managed to live through it. Good stuff Willie, and thanks a crap-ton for being so on top of all this. Making my first foray into D&D quite memorable thus far, chap.

First Meeting (storyline part1)

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